FCC Makes it Easier to Get Internet In-Flight

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Receiving in-flight internet is either a hit or miss for most travelers. It is also either expensive, or dirt cheap. On Friday, the FCC has alleviated their prior grip on receiving in-flight Wi-Fi. Airlines now have to apply for the service via an application and this will allow more airlines to obtain in-flight internet for their flyers.

Prior to the application, airlines had to go through the FCC and then the FAA just to obtain the rights to provide internet whilst in-flight. The FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski, states the application process will cut the original time in half that it took for airlines to get verified.

Although the time is reduced in half, the FAA requires in-flight internet testing to make sure the navigation/pilot interface in not interfered with at all. The FCC states, “Whether traveling for work or leisure, Americans increasingly expect broadband access everywhere they go.” With this in mind, it could give hope to other rare permissions that consumers/companies had dreamed of, might be reconsidered.

[Source SlashGear]

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