What was Your Best Gadget of 2012?

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Every year around this time, it’s natural to feel a bit of nostalgia. Although it’s sad watching 2012 soon over, thinking back on highlights of our last 365 days, we are excitedly looking towards the upcoming year.

We’ve seen breakthroughs in the tech world and also some complete flops. Some technological advancements have made our lives easier, some have not, reinforcing our love for our antiquated styles of doing things.

Nowadays, things are becoming more ‘connected’ of course and that’s a good thing. Gadgets are bridging various aspects of our lives and making everyday tasks more efficiently done, providing more quality time spent for those who use them. This year, we’ve seen quite a few new gadgets on the market that have further branched out the capabilities of our everyday lives and have introduced new methods of tackling tasks that need to get done.

Personally, my Android RAZR M smartphone has been the best gadget to enter my life this past year. I’m able to access some pretty sweet apps through Google’s Play Store; reference tools, social channels and entertainment. It is everything I need and more, with each day further proving this sentiment. A runner-up for the year would have to be my Kindle, the most convenient new way to read and learn. I’ve read more books than normally in 2012 from Philosophy, Fiction and Science Fiction, to New-Age surreal writing to newspapers and magazines. My year with Kindle has inspired me to read more overall and for that reason among others, I am grateful for modern technology.

Enough about me, though — how about you? What was the best gadget that you’ve picked up or was given to you in 2012 and why? You’ve heard mine, now we’d like to hear yours.  Feel free to add whatever anecdotes, photos or links in the comment section below. And Happy 2013!

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