Fiber Optic Thunderbolt Cables Begin Production, Up to 30m in Length

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Intel has given the go-ahead to Sumitomo Electric Industries to start manufacturing Fiber Optic Thunderbolt cables. 30m accounts for 100 feet, in full 10 Gbps and can be tangled, knotted, and twisted every way. Not to mention, the cable has a larger and longer enclosure surrounding the Thunderbolt pin.

The good news about these cables, is that there is no need for an external battery. They are powerful enough to run off of your device.

For those who are unaware, Intel makes the Thunderbolt ports. The ports are compatible with copper and Fiber Optic cables alike. Users can only hope that these cables are not going to break the bank. After all, Fiber Optic cables have been known to break the bank and with Apple, this would not be something out of the ordinary.

[Source MacRumors]

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  • Dan

    These longer cables sound like they will be good for Thunderbolt displays. Also, they could be good for placing Thunderbolt drives somewhere hidden. I’m intereseted to see if the quality is good.