Asus and Acer Are Out of the Netbook Market, Are Mini-Laptops Dead?

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Every invention or breakthrough, especially concerning the technology industry, starts with a simple yet brilliant idea — like manufacturing smaller, more portable and cheaper laptops. But a good idea is not always enough to lead to a breakthrough or guarantee success, as netbooks have perfectly demonstrated.

Born in 2007, this class of notebooks seemed to have it all. Some “analysts” even went as far as to say mini-laptops were to overcome in popularity than regular sized portable PCs, while others simply predicted a great future for netbooks.

Still, something went terribly wrong in the bumpy road from idea to reality and netbooks can be almost officially called dead now, just five years after their inception. Asus and Acer, the last major “players” in this small, small niche have finally called it quits, announcing the ceasing of production effective immediately.

Lenovo and Dell had both pulled the plug on netbooks not long ago, so if anyone still fancies getting one of these cheapo 10, 11 or 12-inchers he or she should act ASAP.  We still think there should be plenty of mini-laptops to go around for a couple more months, but after that it’s all about tablet PCs and ultrabooks for you portability fanatics.

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