Rumor: LG to Unveil and Release 5.5 Inch Full HD Smartphone by March

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You know what they say about the calm before the storm? That’s pretty much how things stand right now in the smartphone market, with one week to go until CES 2013 will be kicked into gear and about 50 days before MWC.

Everybody knows a lot of things are going to go down in the next weeks and loads of new products will be unveiled but it’s impossible to figure out exactly what’s going to happen. But hey, not knowing is sometimes a lot more fun than knowing, because it allows you to dream.

For instance, we know that LG is prepping a humongous full HD smartphone but we can only dream about how it’ll look and when it’ll be released. Well, that and we can also rely on a new rumor emerging from Korea that says LG is going to introduce the flagship at the MWC in February and release it soon after (to read: in March).

Is that possible? Of course. Likely? Not very much, considering most Android phones, including LG’s high-enders, usually get launched two or three months after their unveilings… at best. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream, does it?

Via [Android Authority]

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