Like-A-Hug Vest Lets You Hug Your Friends Through Web

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And now time for something completely silly; from MIT Media Lab, researchers who study relationships between the human’s body perception and it’s involvement in modern technology have worked on a project that provides a way to hug your loved ones regardless of how far you may be from them.

The project called ‘Like-A-Hug‘ has set out to make social networking interactions cross over into real life, exploring the phenomena of ‘teledistance.’ This project, done by a team of three MIT students and friends, set out to “design seamless interfaces between humans, digital information and the physical environment,” states MIT’s Tangible Media site.

A person will wear a puffy vest that is connected to their Facebook user profile. Anytime something on the wearer’s Facebook page has been ‘liked’ (a photo, status, video or link, etc.,) the vest will inflate. That way users can literally feel the love that their friends are giving them. The more ‘likes’ one receives, the puffier one’s vest will grow.

Want to send some love back to them through the web? That’s easily done; by just hugging the vest in return, your friend who originally sent an e-hug will receive one back from you as their vest expands. Although resulting in such a kind gesture, this technology seems perhaps troublesome for those with high-traffic Facebook profiles and a constant popular stream on their wall. It seems that an abundance of friends and a few appealing points of activity and this jacket could leave a user gasping for breath.

It sure is a fun concept and although the prototype above has been created, don’t expect to see these in stores anytime soon. The project, completed last year will not make its way into electronics nor clothing stores anytime soon but perhaps similar technology will become readily available. Well, what else could you do with this technology?

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