Last Week of 2012 Saw 50 Million iOS & Android Activations

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Analytics firm Flurry has released some interesting statistics on Wednesday concerning new Android and iOS subscribers. Results of a recent poll suggests that over 50 million devices with iOS or Android platforms had been activated in the last week of 2012 alone.

Infamously, the busiest week of the year for phone companies is the last week in December, from roughly Christmas until New Years Day. This massive upswing in plan activations is undoubtedly dependent on holiday sales and people cashing in on last-minute contract deals before the new year. In addition to the activations, Flurry found that around 1.76 billion applications were download during said week.

U.S. reported the greatest amount of action with about 604 million activations or 34 percent of the market share. China came in a steep second with 183 million, though as the blog post pointed out, nearly 3 percent of the country celebrates Christmas.
In a market study done just prior, the firm announced that Christmas day saw an estimated 17.4 million iOS and Android devices made active. This was an unheard-of record-shattering amount, augmented with a record-breaking 328 million application downloads in the one day.

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