Microsoft’s Recent Purchase of R2 Studios will Change Your TV Room

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The new year is upon us and with it comes changes of old ideas. As of today, Microsoft has acquired R2 Studios, a company Apple and Google both desired. Founder of Slingbox, Blake Krikorian, works with technology that distributes and displayed media on televisions. Some are speculating that this will enabled Microsoft to turn their Xbox 360 into the next set top box.

This will then put the console a few steps forward and deem both Google’s TV and Apple’s TV obsolete. After all, the Xbox 360 starts at $199 and Apple’s TV costs $99; so why not spend the extra $100 and be able to stream more than just the current iTunes Store and other limited options that Apple permits.

It really comes down to innovation. As brilliant as Apple and Google are, it seems that Microsoft has taken the lead in the set top category. Users can play games to ones’ wildest extent, followed by watching media from many different platforms and applications. This could change the gaming and television industry as we know it.

[Source Gizmodo]

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