BlackBerry Curve 9315 Rolls into T-Mobile Retailers, Due Out Mid-January

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RIM’s BlackBerry 10 OS and the first few devices powered by it will be out in less than a month (on January 30, to be more exact) but in the meantime the (very few) hardcore BB fans left should be happy to hear about the unveiling of their Curve 9315.

This is not exactly a brand new device. It’s a T-Mobile specific version of the BlackBerry Curve 9310, which has already been released on Verizon and Boost Mobile. It also runs on the old and dated BlackBerry 7.1 OS, so it doesn’t seem to have a whole lot going for it.

Still, with a pretty affordable price point and the physical QWERTY keyboard functionality that Android and iOS don’t seem to bother with, the 9315 might attract a couple of business users and/or students. If you’re one of those, be sure to visit T-Mo’s website or the carrier’s brick and mortar stores starting January 23.

The phone will go up for sale for $49.99 with two-year agreements and will feature Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, a 2.44 QVGA display, a 3.2 MP cam with flash, microSD support, and a 1,450 mAh battery. Any takers?

Via [Tmo News]

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