Leap Motion is Leading Gesture-Control into Your Home, Teams Up with Asus

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Leap Motion, the company in the forefront of motion-sensing technology for home use is rolling out their Leap Motion controller, which can in time nullify any need for your traditional computer mouse or keyboard.

In a time where computer companies are majorly focused on ‘touch-screen’ functionality, the San Franciscan startup is doing things differently, taking a ‘hands-off approach.’

Asus technology company too, is thinking differently, partnering with the motion-control software and hardware company. The personal computer company will start bundling select models with Leap Motion controllers, launching them into the ‘future of computer interaction.’

Leap Motion’s tiny device sits in front of a computer and tracks a user’s hand movements, which certain go-to gestures (say a hand wave from stage left to right or a simple point of the index finger) will be identified and automatically assigned to respond accordingly. Watching their demo video, which you should most definitely check out below, brings to mind an orchestra conductor.

Although I can foresee Apple computers adopting this technology in their line of personal computers, ASUS is ensuring the ‘you’ve seen it here first’ position for themselves, which for consumers can mean a lot. This type of innovation is attractive, possibly being just what the company needs to regain dominance in the PC market.

“Our commitment to innovation and exceptional quality drive us to provide the best technology to our consumes,” said Albert Wu, Desktop Division Senior Director at ASUSTek. “We’re proud to be one of the first companies to partner with Leap Motion.”

The Leap Motion controller has a 150-degree field of view and tracks individual hands and all ten fingers at 290 frames per second. And the other guys are battling it out in the tablet market? I say forget finger prints on my touch screen, give me a Leap.

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