Samsung: New, Competitive Tizen Devices Are Coming This Year

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Fact – 2012 has been Samsung’s most successful and profitable year in the mobile business. Ever. Fact number two – while the company’s hardware has played a key role in the booming hits of the Galaxy S3, Note and Note 2, Sammy could have never reached the popularity it did without Google’s software help (aka Android).

Question – why would Samsung then want to ditch Android and take a gamble on an entirely new platform? Answer – beats us.

Still, Tizen, the OS born from MeeGo and Bada’s ashes, has been confirmed to power “new, competitive devices within this year” by Samsung officials themselves. Of course, that doesn’t mean Sammy is ready to give up Android altogether yet but it surely feels like the company is putting too many eggs into too many different baskets, which sounds like a very risky strategy.

Keep in mind that Samsung is in on Windows Phone 8 too, so we’re unsure how the Koreans think they’d be able to build products on three different operating systems without confusing tech users. Diversity is always welcomed but where do we draw the line?

Via [Bloomberg]

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  • MK

    With Google being a pretty ambitious company and owning Motorola, Samsung is being smart to plan ahead when they may not have such open access to the latest Android has to offer.

    The facts are that Google and Apple (to a smaller extent) still need the hardware companies (not Apple) and carriers, something that both have to be trying to overcome.

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