ChestR Mount Takes iPhone Filming to the Extreme

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Are you the type to do things that your friends find to be crazy? I’m talking about skydiving, racing motor cycles, target practicing with firearms or even unconventional body piercings or back-stroking through public fountains; we all know ‘this’ type of person.

If you do self-identify as such, Hitcase is releasing something for when you’re cruising down the black diamond and wishing you could capture that feeling forever. The ChestR chest mount and harness for your iPhone has been designed for optimal hands-free photography and videography when you need it most.

This case is an example of why Hitcase is synonymous with the term ‘rugged.’ The device sports a tough neoprene body and a polycarbonate chest plate in it’s adjustable cover than wraps around your torso. Obviously the ChestR can withstand intense elements, high elevation, shocks and violent impacts while keeping iPhone safe at the same time. Once it’s on, you’re good to go and you will not need to worry about your phone while all hopped up on adrenaline in these high-pressure situations.

iPhone is capable of orating 360-degrees and to pivot up to 90-degrees to guarantee the desired camera angle. ChestR is GoPro Mount compatible and is equipped with a stash pocket and headphone cable loops.

The Hitcase Pro is of course water and shockproof protection for your iPhone. Inside is a built-in, removable wide angle lens that will help shoot professional quality photos and videos, while actually doubling the effective field of view on your iPhone’s camera.

“We’ve completely remained what it means to wear a mount,” said Hitcase SEO Brooks Bergreen. “We’ve used dozens of months over the years and critiqued them head-to-toe to find a solution right in the middle. The ChestR gives you license to capture better images and videos, and it feels just as good as it looks.”

The company will be unleashing their product line at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. If you’ll be in attendance, be sure to pay them a visit at their North Hall Booth #5825 and discuss what radical stunt you’d most likely use their POV camera mount for.

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