Aluminum Nokia “Catwalk” To Be Lumia 920’s Successor, Another Two Phones Prepped for 2013

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Nokia’s abrupt and severe fall from grace during the last couple of years may have brought the Finland-based company to the brink of bankruptcy but the once upon a time leader of the mobile industry still has some life in it.

The recently released Windows Phone 8-based Lumia devices have proven that Nokia still needs a couple of game-changing devices to get back on track.

Enter the “Catwalk”, the rumored successor to the company’s current flagship, the Lumia 920.

According to sources close to The Verge, this new phone will come “later this year” with similar specs and features to the ones inside the Lumia 920 and we think, with the same Windows Phone 8 software. However, Nokia will look to step things up with Catwalk’s aluminum construction, allowing the device to be much thinner and lighter than its rather bulky predecessor.

As you might imagine, this should give the new phone an extra sense of style but also improved reliability, while the only downside we can think of is a likely price bump. Meanwhile, Nokia is reportedly working at another couple of Lumia handhelds for 2013, though we have no idea how would these look yet.

Via [The Verge]

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