YouTube ‘Send to TV’ Will Debut on Sony, LG, Panasonic TVs

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When you’ve got YouTube, who really needs television? I know I don’t get the 80s hip-hop music videos or The Outer Limits on my TV anymore, so I’ve nearly deemed the bulky entertainment centerpieces useless in my home, opting for video pleasure via my desktop computer. This news however, may change my mind completely and bring me running back.

In a report from Wired, new TVs models made by Sony, LG, Panasonic and Bang & Olufsen will be the first brands to bring the YouTube viewing experience into the living room. Thanks to Google’s recent update to it’s YouTube mobile apps, Android phone and tablet users can send videos to their televisions. This will allow you to surf YouTube on your device but stream it on TV, so in other words, use your gadget as a YouTube remote control. Pretty sweet, huh?

Methods of acquiring the service have not been announced yet but we know that it should roll out soon. You can be sure to hear more about this in our CES coverage next week, probably among other announcements from the big ‘G.’

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