Microsoft Surface Pro Rumored Launch on January 29

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Despite the popular demand for Windows-powered tablets not being at its peak, Microsoft seems unfazed and still determined to make a strong push with the Surface line. We’ve recently seen the RT-based tab spreading its tentacles across the US and UK, and now we’re finally hearing something new about the so-called Surface Pro.

The 10.6-incher unveiled way back in June 2012 was slated for a January 2013 launch from the get-go but until now we didn’t know the tablet’s exact ETA. And while we still don’t have any official information on that, a rather trustworthy source says the 29th might be the debut day.

As the tech enthusiast crowd seems to have a really short attention span, we’re guessing Microsoft will want to first intro the Windows 8 tablet PC during a press event – again – and only then put it up for grabs. However, we don’t think this second unveiling will be very pompous and the Surface Pro should start selling soon after (meaning on the 29th or 30th).

Microsoft’s newest gadget should be priced at $899 in its 64 GB version and $999 with double the storage, while the optional Touch Cover will  most likely cost an additional $120.

Via [Softpedia News]

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