Samsung Seeks to Push the Lead Over Apple

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People walk at a Samsung Electronics store in SeoulSamsung Electronics Company is expected to increase global smartphones sales by 35 percent. Samsung projected 215 million smartphone sales in 2012 and is forecast to sell 290 million units this year. Apple smartphone sales are only expected to reach 180 million this year, up 33 percent from last year but still trailing Samsung’s 35 percent. This will boost Samsung to a 33 percent share of the overall smartphone market, while Apple will hold 20 percent.

The competition over the global mobile device market will only get more fierce. Samsung’s strategy of providing a broad product lineup has enabled it to capture more sales volume than Apple. Media reports and analysts have said that Samsung may launch the Galaxy S IV and Galaxy Note III along with a series of other smartphones over the course of the year.

It is also believed that Apple may launch the iPhone 5S this year but will they also offer an iPhone Mini? Maybe not until next year. If Apple feels forced to bring the iPhone Mini in 2014 or later, does this mean they’ve truly lost the lead and are having to play catch-up? Samsung’s explosive growth in the recent years have made the title for number one seem like an easy grab.

Source [reuters]

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