It’s Not a Bird or a Plane, It’s a Human TabletMan

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Accessory Power is a manufacturing and distribution company that specializes in consumer electronics and accessories. Like us at GadgeTell and the other estimated 150,000 CE fans expected to be in Vegas next week, the California-based company is hot with CES excitement. To celebrate this event, they present TabletMan.

Donned with over a dozen tablets affixed to a full-body stretchy suit, TabletMan will be returning to Las Vegas and helping to hold down the company’s booth, which will be located in the South Hall, 2nd floor, #31862. He made his debut at last year’s CES and was a huge hit, being (as far as we’ve seen) the ‘Original Electronic Ambassador.’

“The TabletMan is an interactive character that highlights our popular and upcoming items,” said Accessory Power CEO Robert Breines. “We have seven brands with over 1000 products and I’m glad that TabletMan can bring attention to our booth.”

TabletMan and Accessory Power will featuring various products at the event, including their line of GOgroove audio products and ReVIVE portable battery accessories. They offer lots of other types of electronics and electronics accessories and have been in the business over 20 years. Check out what they offer at their website,

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