E Fun Trickles Out Details on its Second Tablet in the Google Play Series

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E Fun has been steadily releasing details about what it will show at CES 2013. We’ve already covered the Nextbook 7GP Android tablet and the APEN Touch8 attachment for Windows 8 PCs. Today, we’ve gotten a look at the second tablet in E Fun’s new Google Play Series. This tablet is called the Nextbook 8GP, and its specs are a little bit better than its little brother. It’s also priced $40 higher at $169.99.

So what makes the Nextbook 8GP different from the 7GP? Well, the screen is slightly larger at eight inches. It’s also has an IPS display, but we don’t know its resolution. E Fun is also touting the 9.5mm thickness of the Nextbook 8GB as one of the thinnest Android tablets around. Just for reference, the fourth generation iPad has a thickness of 9.4mm.

The processor speed (1.5GHz dual core) and RAM size (1GB) hasn’t changed between the models. It seems like your extra money is just getting you a bigger and better display. Everything in this tablet is backed up by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so fluidity shouldn’t be a problem with this device.

Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of these new Nextbook tablets. I’m guessing a 10-inch model is in our immediate future.

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