Industry Leaders Set to Join Smart TV Alliance, Benefiting Consumers

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Smart TV Alliance benefits consumers and developers in 2013Today, Smart TV Alliance announced the addition of Panasonic, ABOX42, TechniSat, IBM and Specific Media to their roster of industry-leading manufacturers and solution providers. The Smart TV Alliance recognizes the need for and value in being able to develop and provide apps across multiple platforms.

They look to create a non-proprietary ecosystem for application developers to create attractive, platform-independent services. Consumers will be able to enjoy richer Smart TV experiences with 3D video, the highest quality video and audio, and the greatest variety of content with applications created from a new software development kit (SDK) for 2013 TVs from global manufacturers.

“‘Smart TV Alliance members are repairing a fragmented market opportunity for app developers and TV manufacturers, creating the best Smart TV experience for consumers,’ said Richard Choi, president of Smart TV Alliance from founding member LG Electronics. ‘Now app developers can concentrate on doing what they do best. Instead of chasing down each manufacturer’s individual requirements and compliance process, they can make the most out of their creative energy by developing innovative applications and services.'”

For more information on the Smart TV Alliance click here.

Smart TV Alliance will host two events in Las Vegas on Jan. 9, a press event and a developers’ conference.


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