Acer Extends AcerCloud to Top 3 OS, Bundling on all Acer consumer PCs starting Q2 2013

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Acer AcerCloud file storage for Windows, iOS, and Android.The AcerCloud allows users to designate a PC as their “cloud PC,” enabling them to use the free hard drive space as cloud storage space. This essentially gives the user full control and security over their storage needs, a-nd unlike some other cloud solutions, there are no reminders about exceeding storage capacity or solicitations to upgrade or pay for more storage.

Users will be able to remote access any of their Windows PCs from any other devices and manage all of their digital information. Files can be uploaded or downloaded anywhere via Wi-Fi or cellular network service. AcerCloud also enables consumers to push files, pictures, or documents to other devices to be viewed instantaneously. A user’s complete multimedia library is available to be streamed or downloaded and enjoyed on any device running Windows, Android, or iOS from any location.

There are lots of options for online and at-home cloud storage right now, each with different benefits and limitations. Those who are concerned about security, storage, or cost may want to check out AcerCloud. The new version of AcerCloud will be available for online update starting January 2013, and will be bundled on all Acer consumer PCs starting Q2 2013.


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