Super Cool HAL 9000 Replica Now Available for Your Home

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I love Kubrick’s classic film as much as the next person. Amongst other priceless life lessons, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ has taught me at a young age that technology can be horrifying; nightmare-inducingly scary. Especially in the form of a futuristic, hyper-intelligent super-computer. A super-computer who speaks perfect English and expresses human emotion and appearing as only a faint, red LED behind a glass lens.

For braver techies than I, and who have half a ‘G’ to spend on a truly awe-inspiring fan item, a ‘HAL 9000′ life-size replica has been made available through ThinkGeek.

Based off of actual blueprints and studio files from the movie, this device is comprised from aircraft-grade aluminum and has 15 built-in, classic phrases that will be heard when activated via speech. Ask HAL a question and hear him speak back to you. Phrases include “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” and his rendition of ‘Daisy Bell,’ heard in one of his last scenes in the film.

Unfortunately unlike the actual HAL, this replica will not make a good chess opponent nor can it discuss mission objectives. And I love the idea and I’d be so grateful to own one in my home but the $499 price tag just doesn’t seem worth it, yeah?

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