CES 2013: Walmart lets you convert physical DVDs to digital files from your home

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Walmart’s disc-to-digital service began in April 2012. This service allows customers to take physical DVDs and Blu-rays into Walmart stores, pay a small fee and have a digital version of the movie available to them through Walmart’s VUDU service. Today at CES 2013, Walmart announced an expansion to the service which will let customers do the same thing from the comfort of their own home.

This new service, which will go live this month, requires customers to download the new VUDU To Go application on their PCs or Macs. The application will convert read the discs and convert to them Ultraviolet copies which will unlock on your VUDU account. The price for converting discs is the same as it has always been. It’s $2 to convert a DVD or Blu-ray, and $5 to upgrade a DVD to a high definition digital copy.

In the middle of February, Walmart will also let users download their movie collections. Those who sign up for a new VUDU account, Ultraviolet account or link their existing accounts together will get 10 pre-selected movies for free.

Source [Walmart]

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