Selecting the Perfect iPad Case

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So you received a shiny new iPad for the holidays. Now that you’ve had it for a few weeks, you’re probably starting to think about how you’re going to use it going forward. If you are thinking about using it for conducting business on the go, you’re in luck. This is the first in a series about making your iPad an essential part of your business arsenal.

The first consideration needs to be a the right case. I’m on my second iPad case because I hated my first one, the M-Edge Incline. It was a good case. It just didn’t meet my needs. So let’s start with how you want to use your iPad.

Cases come in so many shapes, sizes and colors that sometimes it seems like there are more different cases than iPad owners. Start with a few basic questions:

1. Do you plan to use it more in portrait or landscape mode?
2. Will it be in your hands, lap or on a table?
3. Will you carry it in your hands or in a bag?
4. Do you plan to use an external keyboard?
5. Do you prefer frame cases (where the bezel on the iPad is covered by the case), or do you prefer to have as little of the tablet covered as possible?

Once you know the answers to those questions, you can start to evaluate cases. Take me as an example.

1. I use it in both modes, but more frequently in portrait
2. All of the above, though most of the time in my lap. In landscape on a table is an important position, however
3. I carry it in a messenger bag
4. I frequently use an external keyboard
5. I hate frame-style cases

The M-Edge Incline was a great case for 4 and 5. It had three angles to prop, and one of those angles was ideal for typing. It was held in place with a plastic molded mounting system. Why did I hate it? Because it was heavy and bulky. The mount creaked and slipped. It took up too much space in my messenger bag, and was uncomfortable to hold in portrait mode with my small hands.

It didn’t work for me. However, if you planned to mostly use it in landscape mode in your lap or on a table and had a larger bag, it would be a great case. See how your individual needs changes what works for you?

My husband has a Griffin Elan Folio case. He likes it. He doesn’t mind the frame style. It’s light, and he mostly uses it portrait and landscape on his lap. I don’t like it because it only has two positions in landscape, neither of which are the right angle for keyboard typing.

I finally ended up with a Targus VuScape. Corner clips hold the iPad in place. It has multiple landscape angles, one of which is perfect for external keyboard typing. There’s a little clip to hold it shut when closed, and it’s thin and light, fitting perfectly in my messenger bag.

Take your time to find the right case for you. I used my M-Edge case for 5 months, even though I didn’t like it, because I wanted to find a case that met all my needs. I probably tested 20-30 cases in Best Buy and Staples before I found the one that was right for me. If you take the time to ask the five questions above and test cases until you find one that meets all your needs, you’ll be much happier. I think I use my iPad 25-30% more now, just because I finally found the right case.

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