Goal Zero’s Yeti Packs a Huge Punch at CES

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Goal Zero, the ‘Power Anywhere’ people have rolled out their latest, colossal solar-powered generator at this week’s CES event. Their Yeti 150 is the end-all device for basically doing anything that requires electricity in an area where standard electrical outputs are unavailable.

Ideal for camping or ’emergency preparedness,’ this solar generator’s 150 watt hour battery can power any of your mobile electronics, computers, lights, cooking equipment, you name it. It features built-in AC inputs, 12V inputs and USB ports. What else could you need?

The Yeti is powered through its dual Goal Zero’s 30W Boulder 30 Solar Panels, the beast will reach full charge on roughly 20 hours of exposed sunlight.

“We (Goal Zero) design all our products to provide our customers with a sense of security,” said Joe Atkin, President and CEO of the company. “Whether you choose to be away from the grid or it fails our Yeti line of solar generators can help keep the lights on, your phones charges and your refrigerators working.”

And keeping your phone or tablets charged is just the bare minimum for the Yeti. It was built with the capability of powering crucial appliances like refrigerators, freezers and home health care equipment in mind. In fact, the product is gaining such high regard, it has been named a 2013 CES Innovations Award Honoree.

God forbid another natural disaster sweeps through U.S. but if so, the sun-powered Yeti generator could be your smartest line of defense.

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