Cruise Control App, ‘Part Coach, Part Dance Partner’

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Here’s a sweet iPhone app for all you runners out there. As the title says, Cruise Control blends sound engineering and personal training — a theme in modern technology that results too often with a ‘swing and a miss.’ Just made available in the Apple App Store, it will allow you to synch your body’s running speed with the tempo of your favorite music.

Cruise Control is a one-of-a-kind as far as we’ve seen. It’s inception was derived from medical studies that showed how a person’s heart rate can be managed through auditory signals. Basically, sounds can influence a person’s movement when they’re in a running state.

Therefore, if you are sprinting, a bit of thrash metal can be your best friend and motivator; while jogging, Frank Sinatra will most likely suffice. It’s not that hard to believe.

It gives you four modes of operation, depending on what your work-out target is at the moment. Firstly,’Pace Mode’ lets you pick a target speed and take off. If you run accordingly and your feet fall on each beat of your music, the built-in algorithms will maintain your targeted pace. Next is ‘Heart Rate Mode,’ which basically means that you move your body in rhythm with the music as it guides you on your way.

‘Cadence Mode’ will allow users to plug in their goal SPM or strides per minute. The music will calculate how fast it needs to be and play the tempo that suits your SPM. Lastly, ‘Free Run Mode’ is quite simple; set out with your music going and the app will match the music to your unique running rhythm.

“We found that it is possible to accurately and rapidly control people’s running speed or heart rate using auditory feedback. To turn this esoteric, scientific finding into a compelling user experience, we worked with some excellent App developers to build a full-featured music playing app for iPhone,” said Dr. Max Donelan, inventor of Cruise Control. “It feels like your favorite band is there with you, timing their kick drum to drive you faster and further.”

So all in all, Cruise Control seems like a brilliant idea. As a non-athlete, I doubt that I could ever use this app in my life but I’m sure that some readers can find some real value in it. Has anyone used it yet and does it work for you?

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  • Lucy

    This looks interesting. Will download and see what it’s like!