CES: Not Quite Irrelevant Yet

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It seems like someone always has to throw cold water on the party.

I read an article yesterday on why CES is already irrelevant. Their main argument is that the big companies, Microsoft, Google, HP, Apple, etc. either aren’t present or have scaled back their presence.

Okay, so the big guys aren’t there. CES isn’t just about the big companies. Apple can host their own launch events and draw both crowds and bloggers in droves. Smaller companies don’t have that kind of marketing budget and CES is an opportunity to have their products noticed and written about.

I’ve never attended CES myself, but I look forward to the coverage every year. It’s fun to see the creativity in action, and so far, I’ve seen some interesting devices. Will all of them be released? No, that’s always been one of the problems with CES. Devices are shown but never sold. That’s okay. There’s plenty to choose from.

Here are some gadgets/concepts I’ve found interesting so far.

Haptic Technology

New E Fun Tablet

Share Point Go II portable hotspot/router

Hp Pocket Playlist

ASUS Nexus 7 Dock

What about you? What have you see that’s got you excited?

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