CES 2013 Video: Come See the First XO Tablet in Action

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At CES today, I stopped by Vivitar’s booth to check out a new device called the XO Tablet. The XO Tablet runs customized Android software called the XO Learning System that was created by the One Laptop per Child Association. Sakar International is the first company to license this software and place it inside hardware under its Vivitar brand. This 7-inch learning tablet will be released this year in Walmart Stores. Walmart will also determine the price.

At its core, the XO Tablet is designed to aid the learning process in children. Kids can pick what they want their dream career to be such as astronaut or scientist. Once they pick a dream, the XO Tablet will present them with learning applications that contain activities pertaining to that dream.

Parents can monitor their child’s activities from a special dashboard and find out which curriculum their child is utilizing the most. They’ll be able to see if their child is proficient in art, engineering, math, banking and more. Parents can also set restrictions that do things such as block paid apps and web browsing.

Even though the XO Tablet comes with 100 apps pre-loaded, more can be downloaded from the XO App Store. You can also exit the XO Learning System user interface completely to access the stock Android launcher. Once you remove the protective bumper, the XO Tablet looks very similar to the Nexus 7. Even the back of the tablet shares the Nexus 7 design.

Below is a five minute video demonstration of the XO Tablet in action.

Site [XO Learning]

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