Huawei Ascend W1 Coming in January in China and Russia, UK Soon After

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It certainly took Huawei a while to show off the Ascend W1 we heard rumors about ever since October, but as expected CES 2013 was the host of the 4-incher’s official intro. Not only that, but Huawei unveiled a couple of (vague) things about W1’s release too, confirming the phone will be coming by the end of winter.

China and Russia will get the Ascend W1 before the rest of world “in January”, although no exact date has been mentioned by Huawei officials. O2 UK has also confirmed it’ll be getting the phone sooner or later, though things are even more tangled in GB. Still, British tech lovers will probably see this in stores in February at the latest and we think other carriers besides O2 will look to sell it as well.

As for a US release, that seems as unlikely as ever, but who knows, maybe the W1 will hit it big in Asia and Europe and then absolutely warrant an American visit. Does anyone think that’s going to be the case or does the W1 not have what it takes to be a hit?

Via [Engadget]

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  • flubaluba


    I am all in for the w1 , as soon as i get a few hands on rviews from the real world, but to be honest this is going to probably be my first smartphone, yup i have held out until now.
    I am very impressed by the reviews of windows8 phones and seriously think they are going to take the market by storm, as soona s people have them in there hands and start showing them off to their friends with android and ios phones.

    From everything i have heard so far the windows 8 phones are smooth and easier than any others to use. Just what i should get for my mom actually.

    I hope that O2 in the uk is not the sole supplier as they really like to boost there profits and raise prices a hell of a lot more than most service providers. If they put it ut over £125 i think they are going to lose a lot of the potential customers, but we will see.

    I think America is going to have to get used to some of these really good phones not coming to their shores, seriously with all the mess that samsung has been going through i would not be surprised if more and more manufacturers just ignored the American market, yes it is a big market but the problems associated with America are just not worth it to many.

    Especially as some Politicians have been bringing up lies about specific providers having spying software in their devices, i would not be surprised if this was done to help apple grab a bigger share of the market, not that it would be impossible for the chines manufacturers to hide a back door for their government on those devices if they really wanted to, it would be just as easy to add a backdoor on apple devices too, and as they are more popular and owned by the richer, i.e politicians and ceo’s that would make more sense than having spying software on a device owned by the actual workers in the states.