Quick CES Product Round-Up

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Pictured is founder and CEO, June Lai.

Boy, oh boy, oh boy — CES is quite overwhelming. Thousands of products, over a hundred thousand people in attendance and only a week to see it all? Today was my first day at the international tech gathering and I’ve gathered a few gadgets that caught my eye:

Hong Kong- based Catalyst Lifestyle Limited is going deep-sea diving and taking their iPhone with them. Their new case, fully water-proof and fully-partnered with Griffin Technologies enables you to be an underwater photographer while still retaining iPhone 5’s fully-responsive touch screen capability.

Engineered to work with precision for 30 minutes while submerged under two meters of water, the Catalyst case is made for a day at the beach and so much more. It is easy to put on and take off, completely transparent and retails for a mere $79.

Pictured is Managing Director, Pètur Hannes Òlafsson.

The Dock Minimal is exactly what the name describes — a super simple, yet effective docking system for your tablet. Place your large touch-screen device in this sleek, colorful holder and now you’ve got a personal entertainment system.

Supporting iPad, iPad mini, Kindle, Samsung  and Nexus tablets and e-books, easily swap your correct docking adaptor and charge it using your standard syncing cable. It’s so simple, it’s brilliant. Minimal.

With it’s toggle arm doubling as a leverage stabilizer, position your tablet in over 20 positions. Check out and contribute to their progress on indiegogo.

Pictured is product manager, Derick Dahl.

LaunchPort is an iPad mount for all situations. Using a magnetic base to hold your Apple tab on any flat surface, it uses induction charging to maintain battery life. Instantly, it’s usefulness is apparent in everyday situations such as corporate scenarios, classroom settings, medical offices or just at-home enjoyment.

The magnetic power is super-strong, yet so easily pulled away from its locked position. Don’t worry about it dropping; your iPad will be locked in it’s place comfortably and securely.It is available in it’s WallStation form (on a wall or other flat, horizontal surface) or BaseStation (for a counter top.) Starting at $149, you’ll easily find ways to utilize the device, making the price seem negligible real fast — trust me.

Pictured is VP, Jim Hunter.

IDAPT stands for Innovative Adaptor and that is exactly what the company supplies with their universal charger. And by universal, you best believe they mean universal. They offer thirty different charging tips, covering over 5000 phones and other devices; the new Apple Lightning charger, included.

Charge gaming controllers, tablets, phones of all makes, even rechargeable traditional batteries. They’ve even covered the induction charging tip, so for an extra cost, you can convert the device to charge your smartphone wirelessly.

For a base price at sixty bucks, how can you go wrong with a unit that can charge multiple devices at one time quickly? They even have a model with built-in high definition speakers called i4+.

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