Samsung President Dr. Woo Announces New Processing Chip, Exonys 5 Octa

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On Wednesday morning, Dr. Stephen Woo, President at Samsung addressed a packed house at the Las Vegas Venetian Palazzo ballroom. In the last large-stage keynote presentation of CES 2013, Dr. Woo talked the future for the massive tech company and his focus was its product’s new components

“The question that keeps me up at night is ‘how can we increase processor power while decreasing energy consumption,” Woo stated. Don’t worry, he has been sleeping quite well as of late.

Enter the Exonys 5 Octa processing chip; a collaborative design from Samsung and ARM processor manufacturers, with a revolutionary new approach to smart device work flow. Featuring a whopping two sets of four cores inside, the Exonys 5 Octa will designate the correct processor to utilize during everyday tasks.

For heavier, more demanding tasks like the ‘Need for Speed: Most Wanted,’ demonstrated by EA‘s own Glen Roland, the stronger and more work-horse constituents will kick in. For common, easy uses like web browsing or exchanging e-mails, the Exonys 5 Octa will respond accordingly, using ‘low-gear’ powering cores.

For the consumer, this adds up to the absence of dropped frames while streaming videos and razor-sharp clarity, but that’s just the beginning. With the advent of such technology, 3D entertainment will become closer to the present as well 3D image capturing with ease for the user.

Dr. Woo understands that “Components are building blocks; the foundations on which devices are built.” These main puzzle pieces he says, are processing, memory and display.

The Exonys 5 Octa chip features ARM’s big.LITTLE technology, which will actually conserve your device’s battery life, even under extreme stress. This covers his first two components.

As far as Samsung’s newest display ideas goes, they tip-toed around the ‘bendable screen’ that has been churning around the rumor mill. Prototypes for ‘bended, foldable and rollable screens’ were displayed but with no release date set.

Samsung’s Exonys 5 Octa chip will be featured on their upcoming smartphones and tablets. It is bound to change the game from here to come.

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