TweetLine for Android Will Receive a Big Redesign Soon

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When development ceased on Tweet Lanes, I found myself searching for an alternative third-party Twitter client for Android. Among my choices was TweetLine, a clean and smooth Twitter client developed by HappyDr0id. TweetLine hasn’t seen an update since mid-November, but that will change in a few weeks time. A big update is coming to TweetLine that will make it much more convenient to use on tablets.

The image above shows the proper tablet UI that TweetLine will have. This screenshot was taken on Nexus 7, and as you can see, the two column format appears when the tablet is in landscape orientation. HappyDr0id also mentioned in its XDA developers thread that TweetLine will support three columns on the same page as well. The content in those columns will be customizable.

While this update does look promising, TweetLine has some stiff competition from the likes of Falcon Pro. Falcon Pro is one of the best Twitter clients for Android right now even though it does not follow Android’s Holo guidelines. Carbon for Android could have been the reigning champion, but it’s still missing in action as the developer has apparently gone silent over the app’s development. Now’s a good time for TweetLine to make a name for itself.

Source [XDA]

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