Jabra’s New Line of Stereo Headphones, Adding a New Dimension of Sound Performance

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Jabra recently announced its latest corded and wireless stereo headphones that elevate listening and call experience to a new dimension of sound performance. Specifically designed for hard-wearing, everyday use and portability, the new Jabra Revo Wireless, Jabra Revo corded, and Jabra Vox in-ear earphones epitomize the ultimate balance in design, ease-of-use and outstanding sound quality that is expected from today’s discerning music lover. The latest suite of stereo headphones is expected to find favor with pop and rock enthusiasts, who want massive, high-definition sound clarity, as well as serious jazz and classical audiophiles looking to take their favorite recordings to another level of performance and sophistication.Jabra Revo wireless stereo headphone

Jabra’s headphones are designed to last without sacrificing style or sound quality. Both the Jabra Revo Wireless and Jabra Revo headphones are solidly constructed with an aluminum frame, steel hinges, and a shatter-proof headband. The tough Jabra Vox is built from premium materials and is thoroughly tested for ultimate durability and performance.

As with audio excellence, comfort and design are synonymous with Jabra products. The Jabra Revo sports padded headbands and plush memory foam ear cups. The Jabra Vox has perfectly fitting, specially designed ColorCore EarGels for enhanced comfort and deep sound. Both of these stereo headphones are engineered to be comfortable for extended use and lifestyle fulfillment. Visit Jabra’s website for more product information and availability.



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