Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Sweeps CES 2013 Awards

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Razer, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems, swept CNET’s 2013 “Best of CES” awards for the Razer Edge, the world’s most powerful gaming tablet. The Razer Edge won all three categories for which it was nominated: Best Gaming, People’s Voice—as voted by the CNET audience—and the coveted Best of Show award.

The Razer Edge was recognized for taking the concept of a tablet PC and applying it to gaming, and for demonstrating where tablets, computing, and entertainment are heading in the future. The Razer Edge will be available for purchase Q1 2013.Razer Edge gaming tablet sweeps CES 2013 awards

Designed for PC gamers, the Razer Edge combines the best of a tablet PC and game console in one elegant touchscreen device. The Razer Edge is the only tablet running true Windows 8 on both an Intel Core Processor and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GPU. The Razer Edge was designed by massive crowdsourcing, which targeted millions of PC gamers to help determine the final specifications of the tablet. The community got to decide the final chipset, weight, thickness, features, and even price. The end result is performance packed in an ultra-thin, 2 pound, 10.1 inch touchscreen tablet that has DDDR3 RAM and a high-speed Solid State Drive. The price? It starts at $999.

Additional accessories include controller, keyboard, and docking station for gameplay on a HDTV. Get ready to bring your portable gaming to a whole new powerful level.



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