Keeping it Simple with Lazy-Hands

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Co-Founder Christine Potter demonstrates her simple but effective device grip.

Simplicity is key. We expect our device accessories to make our lives easier, right? So as simple as it is, I have to spotlight one item seen at CES that has effectively impacted my everyday life for the absolute best.

Lazy-Hands is an attachable hand grip for any and all of your hand-held gear. The ‘thumbs-free’ textile finger holes stick to the back of a phone, tablet, remote control or any other handheld piece of equipment, electronic or otherwise. This soft and stretchy ergonomic attachment lets you securely ‘grip your device’ with one hand, eliminating awkwardly holding or pinching and preventing an unfortunate event of dropping your gizmo.

I owe a sincere thanks to co-inventor Christine Potter for introducing her product to me and bestowing one to me for review. Taking upwards of a second to install on my Android phone, now I can’t imagine not using Lazy-Hands for my texting or web-surfing needs, comfortably and without risk. Frankly, it’s awesome and I recommend it to everyone.

When it comes to accessories, remember the golden acronym: K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid!

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