Gartner: Tablets Eat into PC Sales

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Gartner reported today that they are seeing a shift to tablet purchasing at the expense of computers.

Don’t tell me this is coming as a surprise to anyone?

Think about it. What do we do most on our computers? We consume content, whether it be news, books or cute cat videos. Oh, and we play games. All of those things can be done as well or better on a tablet.

What I did find interesting about the release is the prediction that households will drop down to one shared computer and multiple tablets. I think that’s likely. The only reason we have two computers in our house is that both my husband and I work on ours, often enough at the same time that sharing would be difficult. What’s changed from several years ago is that we both have desktops, not laptops.

I still see a future for desktop computers. There’s so much you can do on a large monitor that you can’t on a tablet. But laptops will continue to decline sharply. My netbook only gets turned on when I need to hook it up to a projector. Once I finally get around to buying the hardware to connect my iPad to a projector, I won’t even need it for that.

What about you? Are you reducing the number of computers in your house and increasingly using a tablet? If you’re using a tablet instead of a computer, do you prefer a 10″ or a 7″?

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  • Scott Poole

    I just gave my daughter my most current tablet as I found I was not using it any more. I could not do easily most of the things I do on my computer (a laptop, BTW). I update my blogs, update the corporate website, work on spreadsheets, etc. A tablet is good for viewing social media and/or email, I will admit; at least as long as you don’t have to do a wordy reply or post. The games I play also require the computing power of a true cpu and graphics card, they are not even available for a tablet.

    I hope tablets never knock out “real” computers. At least not until voice recognition is perfected and computing power in a tablet is commensurate with a good laptop.

  • Juli Monroe

    Scott, I don’t think tablets will completely replace computers. At least not for a long time. But I do think laptops are going to be marginalized very soon.