Rumor: Lenovo Working on Android-Based IdeaPad Yoga Convertible

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There were a lot of folks, plain technology enthusiasts and “experts” alike, that thought expensive laptops/tablet convertibles were going to be nothing more than a passing fad. Still, the “transformers” don’t seem to be losing traction and if anything they appear to be increasing both in popularity and number.

Which brings us to the usual question in situations like this – what’s next? Well, according to Digitimes, Lenovo is planning to come out with a convertible powered by Android.

The gadget should add to the company’s already strong line-up of IdeaPad Yoga devices, but it’s still unclear how different will the Android-based convertible be compared with its Windows counterpart. We have no reason to think the design will be suffering major transformations, but will there be an Intel or ARM-based CPU inside?

What about all the other specs, the display, RAM, storage and so on? And will the new Yoga be running only Android or both Google’s OS and Win 8 in a sort of dual boot compromise situation? Of course, we don’t know the answers to these questions, but if Digitimes is correct, we will be finding out by the end of “the first half of 2013”.

Via [Digitimes]

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