Five Free BlackBerry Apps for Mind & Body

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Despite BlackBerry OS trailing iOS and Android in the ‘apps race,’ a classic anecdote once said that quality can trump quantity. Ten calendar app options are a waste to you if none of them will effectively sync your events from your phone to your desktop and the same can be said about any other application available in abundance. On that note, it should be asked “what makes a good app?”

Sure, free makes everything good; but besides that, it’s about usefulness, is it not? ‘This app lets you do this, that one gives you access to that’ — you know what I’m talking about.

We can all be in better health, so what could be more beneficial that effective apps geared towards promoting your mental and physical health? BlackBerry has five distinct healthy applications and there is still time to fit them into your New Years resolution plans:

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitness Pal: As you have probably guessed, this app keeps track of your daily caloric intake. It is a food database (over 1,700,000 foods and growing,) which users scan and input what they’ve eaten on that day. Measured against goals that you set for yourself, it follows your weight loss journey. It also provides an impressive list of exercises to help you burn the weight quicker. All data is back-up via cloud server and can be accessed on the web away from your phone.

Gym Technik: “Turning your BlackBerry into your workout partner,” the Gym Technik app tracks your workouts at the gym. It will tally your reps, weight level and times for all your workouts: free weights, machines, resistance bands, cables, body ball and cardio workouts. It lets you keep track of your body weight, body fat and body measurements. All information is backed-up on the company’s website and is fully integrated with your social media. One cool feature is uploading photos of yourself to track the differences in your body as you progress.

adidas miCoach: This app will replace your work-out log. Use it to measure and write down your distance, pace, calories burned and elapsed time to view your detailed workout analysis. It will also offer daily workouts and coaching feedback so you can maximize your exercise each day. The app by Adidas will also track your shoe usage and provide ‘wear alerts.’

Endomondo Sports Tracker: This is a sports app with some interesting features. Apart from tracking outdoor exercise statistics, your friends can send you live pep talks via the internet, which gets read out loud through your headphones. That can be exactly what you need when that ’empty tank’ feeling happens in your last running mile. Race against your friends’ times, see your running route and track your heart rate, amongst other fitness tracking data collecting. Also, it’s social media-ready, so post your progress to Facebook.

Quit Smoking Tracker: One of the hardest things that someone can do is quitting cigarettes. BB’s Quit Smoking Tracker allows you to set a time frame for quitting smoking and then records the times that you do smoke verses the cigarettes you have avoided, the chemicals that you have avoided, the money saved and the amount of lifetime that you have extended. I’m not sure how this works on its own but I can see it working in concert with nicotine chewing gum or some other traditional means of quitting. Either way, its a nice thing to have it all for you on your phone.

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