GadgeTell Review: Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet

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Google’s Nexus 7 tablet

Google’s play in the tablet market is the Nexus 7, a 7-inch screen Android tablet clearly built for on-the-go use and once you play with this one for a while you’ll also see it was truly designed around and for Google Play. While little headway has been made with regard to challengers of Apple’s iPad (and iPad Mini), we have to say the Nexus 7 may prove one of the more a formidable opponents as the tablet wars roll along.

First off, just to be up front, a few iPad features the Nexus 7 doesn’t include a rear camera and the screen resolution, while more than adequate, doesn’t quite match that of the popular Apple device. You’re also not getting the same volume of content choices or the availability of the iPad’s enormous app library.

The good news is since the original Nexus 7 debut, Google has unveiled a new and upgraded, 32GB  Nexus 7 priced at $299 with cellular data connectivity, as well as a new Nexus 10. All run on Google’s new Android v4.2 flavored-candy named “Jelly Bean. Add amazing battery life of around 10 hours to the equation and you’ve got the beginnings of a very appealing and formidable tablet line.

The familiar Android Market (the company’s app and content store) has been renamed Google Play and within here you’ve got over 700,000 apps and games, millions of eBooks and songs, thousands of movies, and a growing selection of TV shows and magazines. A good amount of free content as well. Google tells us they are also working on adding more content for 2013.

The 1.2MP front-facing  camera rests at the top of the tablet’s front panel. Unlike the Kindle Fire’s lone button (a product the Nexus matches up most closely with), Google has opted to go with three controls: a right side power/sleep button and a two-stage volume rocker button right below that. Everything else is done via on-screen controls.  The bottom of the device simply has a micro USB port and 3.5mm headphone jack. A very thin speaker line is located just above these ports on the rubberized back and provides decent yet limited sound quality.


Some of the cooler features packed within the device include an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope and GPS chip, (timed well to take advantage of Google Maps’ new offline mode for navigating when Wi-Fi isn’t available).


Web surfing is done via Google’s Chrome browser and the experience is as smooth and fast as any browser we’ve ever used and the 7-inch screen provides ample size for viewing this and any other content you choose. We’ll even go as far as to say the 7-inch size suits the tablet category quite well as it provides greater flexibility for a product that screams on-the-go usage. In fact, what we liked most of all about the Nexus 7 is how good the device feels in your hand – light but solidly built, easy to handle in one hand – there is nothing chintzy about the Google Nexus 7’s design.

All in all a great option for those looking to get in the tablet game on a tighter budget. tell




Google Nexus 7

32GB – $299

8GB/16GB/32GB onboard storage options

• Weighs 12 ozs

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  • Juli Monroe

    I just bought a Nexus 7, and I completely agree with everything here. It’s a very nice device. Since my other tablet is an iPad2, I was impressed by the resolution. Everything just looks so sharp and pretty. I’ll be doing lots more reading on my Nexus 7 than my iPad.

    The 7″ size doesn’t quite work for me, though, so I won’t be replacing my iPad. While some things, like reading or email work fine on the 7″ screen, I prefer the 10″ screen for web browsing and some of my other apps (like Pocket Informant.) My husband and I were looking for a B&B, and both of us pulled up maps on our devices (he was on an iPad). We abandoned my Nexus 7 pretty quickly because the browsing just worked better on his iPad.

    But the Nexus 7 can’t be beat for portability. The iPad will be staying home unless I need to do serious typing or other heavy-lifting work on the go.

  • Genaro

    Just to let you know, the price for the 32gb nexus 7 is only $249.99

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