Scosche Packs Mobile Tunes in Their boomBOTTLE

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It only looks like a canteen! This would make an awesome companion during my bike rides through the city.

Announced at CES last week, Scosche‘s boomBOTTLE is a unique kind of portable wireless speaker. Designed to fit in standard water bottle cages used on bicycles, camping and hiking gear, the omnidirectional sound blaster is also built to endure the outdoors and shock from the listener’s movements.

The Bluetooth-enabled bottle speaker works with Apple and Android devices and was named an Innovations and Design Award Honoree. It features dual 40mm drivers and an integrated passive subwoofer to cover the bass end. The rechargeable battery will keep tunes rocking for up to 10 hours of trekking.

The casing is IP4X rated and will protect the insides from weather, sweat and other moisture. Also, the navigation and volume control buttons remain hidden under a flap to keep the elements at bay.

Scosche made it, so you know it sounds good and that it comes from a reputable source, so it will last. The boomBOTTLE can fit into the lives of any active music listener (with an emphasis on ‘active.’)

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