Point is Augmented Reality for a New Generation of Advertisers

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Pictured is company representative Mishri Bhatia.

Funded by Intel, Point is a visual recognition software developed by Telibrahma. Using its dedicated app, Point augments reality by means of viewing specially-created images, namely advertisements, editorials, logos or QR codes through your smart device, unlocking hidden content like related videos, music, additional information and websites.

With an impressive list of clientele including the likes of Maxim, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and BMW, the service has been used in magazines, newspapers, TV and may soon be viewed on billboards. It is such an impressive piece of technology, when I spotted the company’s booth at the Eureka Park event at CES last week, I could not walk by without stopping.

Point in action.

Point works with moving or stationary images. Just ‘point’ your device’s camera at the targeted image (in most cases, an advertisement) through the free app and watch in real time as the program recognizes the image and displays its attached, ‘hidden’ content.

“Point provides a Shazam-like experience for consumers that takes them to the next level of engagement and we’re thrilled to offer this exciting technology to users,” said Suresh Narasimha, CEO and Founder of Telibrahma.

One practical example apart from ads was when the representative placed the demo iPhone in front of an image from Google Maps. Within seconds, on the phone appeared a huge building on top of the map precisely where the building is in the city.

This is definitely a ‘next-level’ technological interaction and I look forward to it becoming commonplace.

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