Kensington Keeps Your iPhone and Valuables Unforgettable with Proximo

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Kensington, a worldwide leader in delivering smart, safe, simple mobile device accessories recently announced Proximo, an app-enabled proximity monitoring system.  iPhone 5/4S users can have piece of mind knowing where their smartphone, keys, and valuables are at all times. The Proximo Fob and Tag provide a unique way to track multiple valuables with a last-seen map pin-drop feature. The starter kit includes the Proximo app to track your iPhone and valuables, a Fob to attach to your keys, and one Tag to always find an item of your choice. Additional Tags can be purchased for those who want to enable tracking for more items, such as luggage, briefcases, or even your car.Kensington proximo keeps your iPhone and valuables safe

The Kensington Proximo works by setting up a wireless Bluetooth connection between the iPhone, Fob, and Tag. The Proximo’s app dashboard is always on and can track up to 5 items concurrently with the GPS function. The sensitivity or distance for each Tag can be customized, and pushing a button on the Fob or tapping “find Fob” in the Proximo app dashboard triggers an alarm to help you find your valuables. Each of the Fobs and Tags run on a replaceable CR2032 lithium battery.

Today, smartphones do more for connected mobile users than just making calls or sending texts. The newest technology can be pretty expensive to replace if lost or stolen. You can keep your iPhone in close range with the Bluetooth Fob, which will alert you with a custom alarm the second you move a set distance away from your phone. Eliminate the anxiety associated with losing or having to look for your most valuable possessions. The downside? Android phone users are out of luck since the Kensington Proximo only works with iOS.

The Kensington Proximo Starter Kit retails for $59.99 and additional Bluetooth Tags are $24.99.



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