Myspace Rolls Out Music-Heavy New Look

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Remember Myspace? It was that internet place where kids from around the country mastered their self-shot portrait in the bathroom mirror and where every one of your musician buddies was in the next big band, just no body knew it yet. It was that place that made having imaginary friends a cool thing and where people would socialize when real life just wasn’t exciting enough.

I can’t say that I’ve missed it either. The ‘original’ social network was never of interest to me because of all of the aforementioned reasons; also, it was an interface that didn’t appeal to me for aesthetic reasons.

Well, after some time spent dormant in the public eye, the website is now back, up and running in a bigger way. When I heard the news about, it felt worth it to sign-up, even just as means of easing suspicions.

On the main landing page is basically nothing but a billboard-like advertisement for Justin Timberlake’s new single ‘Suit & Tie,’ featuring Jay-Z. Mind you, JT is one of’s investors and has been with the company for years; so that’s no surprise.

I signed-up with a new account, although the option is there to activate a new account via your existing Facebook or Twitter account. That’s like being in one social network that is inside of another social network; a macrocosm of ‘likes,’ friend requests and ‘hey, check out my music’ messages. Weird, I thought. But I pressed on.

After getting into the site, you’ll notice how minimal the whole environment is. On the left side is a condensed version of the traditional Myspace menu: library, people, and settings. The ‘stream,’ which is your main page, is where things go. You navigate the stream from right to left, shifting the whole screen as if it were a well, a moving stream. If you link a tweet, upload a photo or video or a status update, it will go there. Since mine is empty, JT was still seen hanging out, pushing me to hear his music.

Upon signing in, there is a ‘Myspace classic‘ option, which if you had an account prior to the layout change, you can access it with the old appearance.

The most evident new aspect of Myspace’s updated look is it’s direct link with music discovery. There is a music streaming bar located across the bottom of the window and quick access to videos, audio streams and arrange queues. Users can ‘connect’ with others and observe their contributions while also learn about trending topics and music stories with the ‘discover’ button.

There has been no press announcement for the roll-out of the new site but we do know that it was launched into internal beta testing back in July. They’ve done a great job with the changes, creating a clean and concise look but if it’s not for you, the old Myspace layout is available by clicking the grey bar at the top of the homepage.

Could this modern, user-friendly new format be what the site needs to make it back into our everyday lives again?

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