Get iPhone 4 or 5 For $45/Month From Walmart (UPDATED 1/17/12 – Unlimited Plan is Limited)

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Updated – Thursday, January 17th at 11:50 a.m.

We reported earlier this week about Walmart’s awesome deal on iPhone 5 through their Straight Talk Wireless subsidiary. It seemed too good to be true and by what Leslie Meredith of TechNewsDaily published, it was in fact un-believable.

It turns out that by ‘unlimited,’ the big yellow smiley face price-roll backer meant ‘a soft limit’ on data.  The semantics game played by advertisers is not completely a surprise, though when most people hear the word ‘unlimited’ in regards to a cellphone plan, there is a conception of something similar to ‘limitless’ — and rightfully so. But as shown here, ‘unlimited’ roughly translates to ‘limited.’ Clever marketers, clever.

“For $45 a month, you can use up to 2GB of data, which these days isn’t a whole lot. Stream a movie on your shiny new iPhone? Not likely,” published Meredith. When data limits are reached, the wireless provider will purposely slow further data transfer speeds down to a crawl on your iPhone. Probably not what you had expected by the way it was advertised, huh? Us either.

Always read the fine print, my friends!

In an attempt to put an iPhone in absolutely every American’s pocket, Walmart is currently running a promotion in conjuncture with Straight Talk Wireless, the mega store’s exclusive mobile carrier. Available in over 2,000 locations and from, customers can now grab an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 with an unlimited plan for only $45.

Sounds too good? We think so too but it is. The plan includes unlimited talk, text and data, all for the flat fee. To make things even sweeter, Walmart is offering a no interest fixed-monthly payment plan for those who cash in on the deal in stores. To activate this deal, customers must use their Walmart Credit Card and pay $25 per month.

For more information, I’d recommend going into a Walmart with a Straight Talk Wireless representative to iron out all the details.

(originally published January 15, 2013 at 12:41 p.m.)

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