[Video] Let’s look at Redbox Instant by Verizon for Android

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The streaming video venture created by Verizon and Redbox entered beta late last year. Since then, those who signed up for access to Redbox Instant by Verizon have been receiving invites that includes a free month of service. We managed to find our way into the beta, and decided to share some our first impressions with you today.

Let’s clear one thing up right off the bat. Redbox Instant by Verizon is not a Netflix competitor in its current form. The selection of movies this service offers does not come close to Netflix in terms of quality or quantity. There are also many movies offered by Redbox Instant that can also be found on Netflix. Some of the top subscription-based movies available through Redbox Instant are Thor, Rango, Hotel Rwanda, The Lincoln Lawyer, Snatch and True Grit. When you dig deeper into all the streaming movies through Redbox Instant, you’ll find a lot of obscure and older titles that you probably won’t recognize.

On the plus side, the app itself is well done. It performed very smoothly on my Nexus 7, but you wouldn’t expect that given the low review scores the app has received. The one and a half star rating in Google Play is mostly due to users being upset that Redbox Instant does not work on rooted devices. I’ve found that going into the SuperSU app settings and unchecking the “enable Superuser” option successfully bypasses Redbox Instant’s restrictions. The video quality of the app is not that great at the moment. HD movies just don’t look like they’re in HD.

All in all, we can’t forget that beta tag that comes with this service. Every issue I have could very well be worked out by the time Redbox Instant by Verizon becomes available to everyone. For now, take a look at our demo video and see if this is something you’d want to pay $8 a month for.


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