Facebook’s New ‘Graph Search’ Rolls into Beta

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On Tuesday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hosted a private press conference in Menlo Park, California. The topic of discussion was a new search engine that the social media platform will eventually roll out on their website, ‘graph search.’

Unlike search engines that we’re used to like Google or Ping, this will exist on the Facebook website and will predominantly show results within the network.

Graph search‘ will provide search results that reflect people, photos, places and interests; all of which were originated within the Facebook network. This adds up to over 1 billion people, over 240 billion photos and 1 trillion connections. Due to a partnership with Microsoft’s, the search engine will also display results from Bing.

The search algorithm will work off of users’ requests such as ‘photos of me and Kathryn,’ or ‘Indian food in Philadelphia that my friends have been to,’ or just simply ‘photos that I’ve liked.’ This adds up to a personalized search experience. But is that really what people want?

With such a unique and intrusive resource, the notions of privacy and safety arise. Zuckerberg was sure point out that the new search will feature privacy settings that are clearly accessed and manipulated, so users do have some control over what content of theirs is searchable.

It was rolled out into its beta testing stage on Tuesday and those who wish to help test-drive the new service can apply to be on Facebook’s waiting list, linked on the company website.

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