SIGMA DP3 Merrill is For the Serious Photographer

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Sigma Corp. recently announced the new SIGMA DP3 Merrill compact digital camera. This next generation digital camera boasts a beastly 46 megapixels, 50mm F2.8 lens, and the Foveon X3 image sensor for natural rendering as well as a three-dimensional feel. The SIGMA DP3 is a camera meant for all shooting situations, while its siblings the SIGMA DP1 and SIGMA DP2 are meant for wide angle and standard range images, respectively.SIGMA DP3 Merrill compact digital camera

The high performance 50mm F2.8 lens has the equivalent angle view as a 75mm on a 35mm lens, and it has been designed exclusively for the SIGMA DP3 Merrill to maximize the sensor performance.

It’s Spherical Low Dispersion glass accompanied by the aspherical lens compensates for a variety of aberrations as well as allows for a compact size. The Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces glare and ghosting, ensuring sharp, high contrast image quality even under severe conditions such as taking photos against or towards the sun.

The SIGMA DP3 Merrill provides an advanced user interface as well as a slew of controls to get you that perfect shot faster and easier. There is a custom quick set menu and a metallic command dial to help improve usability. The quick set menu allows photographers to change the menu content and the order depending on their preferences. You can take a look at the full specifications here.

The SIGMA DP3 Merrill is set to debut February 2013. There is no set price yet, but it’s likely to be in the ballpark of its siblings, estimated around $1400.



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