Rumor: LG Has New Windows Phone 8 Smartphones in the Works

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Despite having little to show off at the recently closed CES 2013 event, it’s hard not to bump into LG in news headlines these days. Rumor has it that the Koreans are prepping two Android flagship devices for this year, as well as a couple of Nexus gadgets and “some new smartphones that will run Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8”.

That last tidbit is a word by word statement of a senior executive from one of LG’s local partners in Korea, as reported by Korea Times. Of course, without knowing the identity of the “executive” and with LG officials declining to comment on the subject, it’s hard to determine the rumor’s credibility, but I personally think there might be something there.

After all, LG seems to be on the rise after the Nexus 4 and Optimus G hit, not to mention the ties with Microsoft are already there. Last, but not least, some of you might remember a fellow going by the name of LG Fantasy which was supposed to be a Windows Phone 7.5 device for Sprint. The Fantasy never turned into reality, but we can’t find a solid reason why LG wouldn’t try to crack the WP8 niche. It remains to be seen with what kind of gadget(s) and how many.

Via [Korea Times]

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