CES Round-Up: Eureka Park Edition (Apps)

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By far, beyond and away my favorite spot to hangout at CES this year was not the main Las Vegas Convention Center — where the majority of the buzz went down — but instead, inside the gorgeous Venetian hotel. It’s massive third floor ballrooms became known as ‘Eureka Park’ — a line show within the colossal line show, comprised of small, startup tech and gadget companies from around the world. Here, these early-stage companies had an opportunity to display their innovations and express their passion to viewers.

Perusing and chatting with company representatives at the Eureka Park tech zone was inspiring and profound. That’s because many of these teams, on average no greater than three people in a given booth, were the designers, CEOs and founders of these companies. No one else could be so enthusiastic and heartfelt about a specific product than these individuals. These are our modern grass-roots innovators and I have to say, their excitement was contagious.

Although I saw so much, its impossible to have seen everything. But of what I was enlightened on, I’ve arranged a list of my favorite mobile applications to emerge from ‘startup nation.’ Have a look after the jump.


Pictured is company representative Tatyana Semirog.

LiveTalk is a new solution for companies in need of interacting directly with their clients. The application provides an environment where customers can connect with a company in real time via video calls (think Skype,) text chat (think chatrooms) and even exchange custom messages and forms or transfer files. Made with intuition in mind, the app requires little IT knowledge — just register and get started.

Culling from social media sites: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, customers can use their already existing accounts to connect with enrolled businesses. Using the ‘click-to-talk’ tool, making the call has never been simpler.

“Change the way people communicate with your business. Connect with your website visitors face-to-face,” professes an information flyer passed out at the LiveTalk booth. At the time of CES, the company was a week old and already attracting clients.

Perfect for small businesses, company representative Tatyana Semirog explained, the service is free for up to two accounts. For more information about the app and to try it out for free, visit


Pictured is company representatives, Co-founder Paul Grossinger (center.)

Pervasive Group Inc. is a new company that creates mobile software to help parents be good parents. Today’s parents know that monitoring a child’s smartphone use is a contemporary issue, nearly impossible to fully execute. The company’s MMGuardian application software makes it easy with essential monitoring and control features to keep children out of trouble, regardless of the distance between the parent and their kin.

Using just your Google smartphone or tablet, you can monitor your child’s phone remotely. Firstly and most importantly, the app lets you locate and track the child via SMS text location commands. You can also schedule an alert to appear on your phone at a certain time to make sure your kid is where they should be. There is a text messaging prevention feature that detects if the phone is moving ten miles per hour or more, deactivating the use of text messaging; keeping your young driver safer behind the wheel.

You can set time limits for overall cellphone use, monitor and control applications on their device and even oversee their text messages. Be weary however, as you may learn something that you may not want to uncover!

The app is available through the Google Play store and is currently offering a free 14-day trial. After, the base price is $2.99 per month. When it comes to keeping your child safe, the mere subscription fee is worth far more when the service provides peace of mind.

Pictured is company representatives Brad Furber and Erik Winther.


Attention all golfers: meet the ShowMe app; your all-in-one golfing resource. It’s pretty amazing how much they fit into this application. Basically, everything that a golf amateur or otherwise could desire, you name it, ShowMe does.

For one, the app lets players capture, analyze and share their personal statistics, which is accessible by all users and vice versa. Almost every playable U.S. golf course is in their increasingly-updated system, viewable through its Google Maps plug-in and with it’s ‘Play a Round’ feature, users can track their game on a particular day at a particular course — then compare it to future scores at the same location. Professionals are also using the app, allowing users to see how they pair up against some of the best in the game.

Using the data compiled through ShowMe, tournament organizers have already found it easier to put together events. Since statistics are laid out, its easy to choose who gets an invitation — the company calls it the ‘Moneyball’ of the golf world.

For further information, be sure to check out the app’s website or get it from the App Store or the Google Play store today.


Pictured is company representative Tiffany Carney (left) and a real-life on-call lawyer.

If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation and are in need of legal advice, look no further than your RocketLawyer app. This is a virtual lawyer and attorney consultation application that networks you with human operators who are currently practicing law. RocketLawyer has qualified members ‘On Call,’ each with an accredited law school diploma, licensed in their state and with an average of ten years in the field.

They will answer your questions for free via an initial phone consultation and pricing varies from there. Not to worry, there are no hidden fees and everything is laid out and explained in detail before payment is processed. You can pre-negotiate an hourly rate for discussing more complex legal issues and the lawyer assigned to your needs will complete an attorney engagement letter outlining the work that you’ll be receiving.

Luckily I have no need for the service at the moment but in the past, I wish I was aware that something like this existed. It’s a wonderful idea, providing counseling to people who otherwise would be unable to attain it. Next time (hopefully there will be no next time) I’m in need, it’s good to know RocketLawyer is there. Right now, they’re offering free legal documents and 40-percent off legal fees.

For more information on the unique service or to get started right away, visit the company’s webpage and click ‘Get Connected‘ at


Pictured is company representative George Karonis.

At 84 years old, God bless him, my grandfather lives alone. He is a widower and a rather stubborn go-getter, who continually extends himself physically, far beyond expectations of someone his age. Don’t get me wrong, he is beyond self-sufficient and arguably in better shape than some who are half his age, but his family is nonetheless concerned about him. Startup LineView GPS, Inc. has created their MobileLocate app with families such as ours in mind.

Using both GPS information and cell network data, the app will track up to five phones at one time. Similar to elderly loved ones, the app is also well-suited for keeping tabs on children carrying smart gadgets. Just link their mobile device, smartphone or tablet, and locate their whereabouts from your own mobile device. It will notify persons who will be tracked prior, even giving users the option to shut their phone off, reckoning their device un-trackable. This is also an excellent tool for retrieving lost or stolen property.

There is no download needed, nor hidden fees and you can cancel the service at any time. Right now, it is the leading mobile phone tracking company in the UK with over 100,000 registered users. At CES, they were announcing an expansion overseas to U.S., where the system will work for AT&T users, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon wireless users.

Try a free 7-day trial, which includes up to 50 free tracks at the company website,


Pictured is founder Blake Hall (third from left) and his representatives team.

Has a loved one of yours served in the U.S. military? Well, if so and you’re not yet registered for Troop ID, I’d recommend you get on it! This online community is designed to connect those who have served and their families to businesses who provide benefits for those who qualify. It is a unique, closed network linking users with much more than just military discounts, although it certainly handles those quite efficiently as well.

To register, use one of four easy methods: plug in your social security number and the dates that you were actively serving, activate your military membership number, upload an appropriate issued document (such as DD 214, DD 256, DD 257, ORB) or provide your .mil email address. The benefits service is available for active duty members, veterans and spouses.

Once verified in the system, users are eligible for deals and discounts, employment opportunities, educational opportunities, veteran benefits and financial resources. Prior to Troop ID, merchants had a hard time extending their in-store benefits to their affiliated web stores — an outlet susceptible to fraud and abuse. This is the only solution that I’ve seen to handle such an issue.

The app, really a widget is available for free via their website,

Pictured is CTO/ President Chan Leonard


Want a video aggregator that is both more personal and more extensive than YouTube? Florida based startup LivMobile is developing just that. The way it works is simple: search or browse videos on the network and stream what you’d like to watch on any movie device. Users can upload their own video too.

The HTML5-based ‘second screen’ technology was developed out of necessity, says founder, Chan Leonard. He wanted a means of watching live television or pre-uploaded videos from anywhere; something not completely well-mastered on the market as of yet. This means that you can watch movies, TV, broadcast signals and web videos all from your smartphone or tablet.

Content providers will now have a simple, fun way to connect their content with audiences from wherever they chose to access it. The app is still in the development phase but be sure to pay attention. Stay updated via the company website,

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