Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Lets You Charge Gadgets On-the-Go

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Goal Zero is an innovator of portable solar power systems. One of the products they introduced last week at CES 2013 was the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Portable Recharger. It was showcased as the latest technology in emergency preparedness solutions. The Sherpa 50 is set to change how consumers power devices like smartphones or laptops.

This award winning addition to the Sherpa line weighs less than a pound, half of it’s predecessor, yet it still harnesses the same 50 watt hour power capacity. The Goal Zero Sherpa 50 truly represents on-the-go power, being that it’s less than 5 inches on each side and only 1.5 inches thick. This portable device easily fits in any bag or briefcase.Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Portable Recharger

One of the unique features on the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 is the “Power Port”, which enables users to charge their laptop directly from the recharger. It eliminates the need for an AC inverter as well as the computer’s AC power cable. Instead, users will be able to plug their device directly into the Sherpa 50 using one of the included connector cables. The Sherpa 50 also offers AC and DC (with inverter) outputs and USB port with 1A of output power.

The Sherpa 50 charges fully in 2 to 3 hours through the wall outlet or in 5 to 10 hours via solar panel. Goal Zero’s product lineup showcases solar panels as part of their power solutions for consumers. The solar charging ability makes this ideal for hiking or camping, where you’d want to be able to power your smartphone, DVD player, or laptop for hours more. The rugged lightweight design lets you bring the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 with you anywhere from the mountaintops to the beaches. Even if you’re not adventuring in some remote outdoor location, you can still pack it with you for the day or for extended trips.

The Goal Zero Sherpa 50 is available now at for $249.99.



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