Moovit: Crowd-Sourcing Public Transport App for iOS and Android

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I love it when app developers recognize a need I hadn’t even thought of yet. Moovit is an app using crowd-sourcing data to plan your public transportation route.

As long as you keep it open on your smartphone or mobile data equipped tablet, it will notify you of changes and delays along your route. Moovit will suggest changes in real time to navigate you around delays. They say they even have a live map to track arriving trains and buses. No more waiting in the cold, hoping a bus is on the way!

As with all crowd-sourcing apps, Moovit depends on its users to update the app when they encounter delays. The more active users in an area, the more accurate will be the app.

I was delighted to see that my area (Washington, D.C.) was one of the areas currently covered by the app, so I downloaded the app to try it out. The interface seemed easy to use, and the route suggestions from my house to Metro Center station seemed reasonable. With a winter storm blowing through today, I don’t think I’ll head out to test it, but you bet I’ll be using it the next time I’m traveling via Metro.

Currently Moovit is only available for iOS and Android, but their site says Windows 8 is “coming soon.”

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